Crepe City 2017: Nike Air Max 1 x Atmos ‘Safari’

For us sneakerheads, Crepe City is an incredible thing to be a part of. I say ‘a part of’ because Crepe City isn’t just a Facebook group or a sneaker selling event, it’s a family.

Every year the event gets bigger and better, and this year was no exception. Starting off in the Notting Hill Arts Club the event now welcomes thousands of buyers, sellers and gooey-eyed onlookers admiring the waves of Yeezy’s, rare Jordan’s and, unsurprisingly, Louis Vuitton’s collaboration with Supreme.

Nike Air Max 1 x Atmos Safari 2016
Nike Air Max 1 x Atmos Safari 2016

 I spend most of my time wandering around the three or four halls housing streetwear and sneaker grails alike often waiting for something great to pop up. However, because of the culture, there’s a ton of Boost-equipped sneakers and ‘hype’ items – and don’t get me wrong I’m a sucker for Boost technology and Hypebeast goods. But I’m refining my taste, and my spending habits, so I was on the lookout for very specific, unique things.

Unique? I couldn’t ask for anything more unique with what I picked up. Safari print, golden furry suede, hits of teal and yellow with glow-in-the-dark soles. I picked up one of those mini-grails, the Air Max 1 Atmos ‘Safari’ from 2016.

They were practically brand new, sitting in-between a mixture of classics and more popular items such as the Palace Pro Boost. In a room filled with hyped Jordan’s, Ultraboost’s and Supreme bits, these felt like a needle in a haystack. I know they’re no KAWS Jordan 4 for 300 quid (imagine that), but they’re still something I’m so glad to have in my collection.

And that’s what I feel Crepe City is truly about – people helping each other out, a close knit community of likeminded sneaker enthusiasts who share a passion about what we put on between the ground and our toes. Thanks to the goodwill of someone selling these for an amazing price, they’ve made me just that little bit happier every time I decide what to wear today.

I’ll be at the Crepe City BBQ – which is another great way the Crepe City team keeps it’s family together. So, I guess I’ll see some of you there!


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