Up and Coming Menswear Brands – L’Amoureux

LAmoureuxs range of garments pushes quality embroidery and alternative designs to a level further than something Im familiar with, but not so far that Im worried to wear it.

These unisex pieces, such as their embroidered tee featuring a cat on the back, offers playful yet serious fashion statement pieces for my summer wardrobe. 

img_7760Its hard to go wrong this summer with a simple white t-shirt; so whats brilliant about LAmoureux is that they take this simplicity and splash colour and interest all over their pieces. 

The tees have a noticeable thickness to them, a difference in quality which us streetwearers can appreciate. Embroidery feels professional and polished, labels are neat and soft.

The sizing is perfect, too. I went for a large to give myself some freedom and exercise the oversized look, something that I feel is important as we move into summer (I hate being too restricted in my tight-white tee). 

Their site showcases their 6-strong-collection, made up by 4 t-shirts, one long-sleeve and a hoodie, priced at €30, €42 and €60 respectively.


Take a look at their website here.



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