COLD THREADS – In The Spotlight

With a propensity towards high-end streetwear, A$AP Rocky and stylised Instagram feeds, COLD THREADS is something I’ve been paying a lot of attention to recently.

CT is publishing content that takes it one step further in my opinion, because not only do you get the what, you get the how. It’s how-to news, and it’s new. And it’s great. Something in-between Hypebeast, COMPLEX and a self-styled blog, CT offers insights into dressing like A$AP, understanding music scenes and who’s who, how to style Goyard and who you should be paying attention to on IG right now. In my opinion, COLD THREADS is one to pay attention to; their IG kills it with the perfect selection of promotional images and content; hell they even featured me at some point!

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 16.33.26

If you’re like me and love finding new, exciting streetwear pages that stray a little from the norm, but still enough for you to relate, then find yourself at home on COLD THREADS.

Keep an eye out for what CT and I get up to in the near future. We hope you enjoy our ventures.



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