Brand Affinity – Sneakerhead Diaries

Welcome to the first instalment of Sneakerhead Diaries, a new category for a new-look Primalguise. Sneakerhead Diaries is more of a spilling-out of my thoughts, less of the new releases, heat or LPU’s. For this entry, I thought it’s only fair to divulge in something new.

Like I said earlier the blog has a new look and, to some extent, so do I. Sneakers complete an outfit and that’s why I feel the need to have so many, so I can change things up whenever I need to – sometimes there are two or three outfit changes in a day. However, for as many shoes that I own, I’ve never owned a pair of New Balance.


I saw these in Natterjacks, a local sneaker/streetwear store in Kingston, for £30. One size 10 left. Bright, classic, unique, these had Primalguise written all over them. I’ve always thought New Balance was the ‘dad brand’ of sneakers, like Sketcher’s are to yoga mums. Little did I know, New Balance 1500’s are somewhat of an OG; I’ve had people telling me “You aren’t a sneakerhead until you’ve owned a good pair of New Balance,” and here we are, Eric, with some New Balance 1500 SG Made In England’s.

I think I’ve done a good job and I’m proud that I’ve broken the brand affinity with Adidas and the boost craze – because (NB CONTROVERSY), I feel like Adidas need to step up their game. They’re killing it, but they need to improve Boost technology real soon. Nike Air is constantly progressing, with the Air Max Day launch of the VapourMax, Adidas has some increasingly big competition now.



So – a bright green LPU, a new outfit for the blog and lots of new content coming your way soon. Successful Spring Cleaning? I’d say so.

Keep an eye out on my Instagram for more about the Sneakerhead Diaries.




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