Milan Fashion Week F/W 17 -Top Picks

After popping into London while LFW:M was showing, I’ve been eager to do a favourites post from the world’s top fashion week: Milan.

First off, let’s talk about what we don’t like this season. Prada hit us with a wave of 70s nostalgia and, like every year, we hope the 70s would stay back in the 70s. I’m not a fan, Prada. Corduroy, bright and bold chunky knits, browns and deep V-necks are all visually challenging elements of clothing. I can imagine that Prada tones down their runway apparel for it’s stores and products on general release, but expect Autumn ’17 full of fall-colours, texture and leather in a ghastly, time-warped feel.

Now to the positives! The rest of Milan gives me hope that high fashion design will filter down into the high-street brands such as Topman and H&M, who always execute trendy alternatives to high designers high priced fashion.

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A lot of the looks have elements of streetwear in their runway shows. Streetwear was huge for 2016 and made a massive statement in the fashion world. Everyone was wearing streetwear; the high-street imitated it, Supreme owned it, brands such as Thrasher, Off-White, Vetements and A-Cold-Wall developed their names and grew to new street-fashion heights. Celebrities wore it, developed it and promoted every brand in the streetwear subculture – and now, it’s hitting high fashion brands for F/W 17.

Marcelo Burlon

Neil Barrett


Burlon’s look pictured above features that effortless coziness streetwear tends to offer. Over-sized, monotoned, soft fabric’s and colours – these all create a modern aesthetic. Jersey-type material and minimalist sneakers, paired with luxury sweatpants, all helps to echo a relaxed, streetwear inspired vibe.

For me, Neil Barrett killed it. From all of the look so far, Barrett is by far my favourite. Neat tailoring, monotone, luxury sweatpants – it’s luxe-comfort and really appealing to the eye. Streetwear inspiration is seen through the on-trend work jacket and Off-White vibe sweatpants.

Not streetwear inspired, but worthy of mention, is Missoni. They went for colours, but contrary to my opening statement, the colours work well here for Missoni. The colours are muted out with touches of grey, black and navy, which makes the brighter colours of red, burnt-orange and khaki pop against the grey backdrop in this suit.

This is how to mix a lot of colours together in one sweater, and even in that stunning suit the colours are understated and completely wearable.

I’m looking forward to more Men’s fashion weeks to come, and I want to keep you updated with what I’m rating… and ‘hating’.




* photo's courtesy of Vogue.

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