2017 Goals – Featuring Rick Owens & Yohji Yamamoto

Fashion – Giving Us Life Goals

My attitude towards everything is to see simplicity within it. Life must be simple, fashion must be simple, goals must be simple. Simple in the sense that there mustn’t be any unnecessary complications, nothing that might trip you up or stand in the way of the ultimate goal.

I wanted to start 2017 with something important – naturally stemming from something I’m passionate about. Yesterday there I was unboxing the Rick Owens X Adidas Mastadon Pro Model and the day before unboxing a pair of Y-3 Qasa Vista Grey’s. A few days before that, I unwrapped my neatly paper-wrapped box tee from COS. Today, I tore open the packaging on a long-line, minimal wool coat, ideal for these cold days ahead. The theme of simplicity stuck with every item I opened and tried on over the past few weeks, and it seems through fashion I have understood that simplicity really is the only thing I can ask for.

Of course I’m ready for the complications that life brings; else life would be boring. Decision making should be complicated – certain things should be the exact opposite of simple. But, when I can help it, why not make life simple?


Goth-Ninja and Modern Utilitarianism vibes from two of the worlds most simplistic, futuristic, visionary designers, Yohji Yamamoto and Rick Owens, helped me see the simplicity necessary in life.

The designers created two standout sneakers that are so simple, made of such incomprehensible quality, that you forget crazy designs or rarity as something important in the sneaker-fashion world. Here, it’s about the shoe, how you portray it, how you make it yours. There’s not a lot to the shoe, a simple design – all things complicated taken away and instead replaced with minimalism and sophistication.

I find simplicity and sophistication come hand in hand, and that’s a good thing to strive for as a New Year’s Resolution. To become a simplified, stronger, more sophisticated, and therefore better, version of yourself.

If I simplify my plans then my vision becomes more sophisticated and wise. I hope to push the blog and my Instagram into a new, sophisticated level of more professionalism, more necessity to existing.

2017 Goals? Next level.





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