Self lacing Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 – On Foot

Another day, another shoe. With all the progress Adidas has been making in recent months with boost technology, primeknit and collaborations, the success of The 3 Stripes has somewhat left every other brand in it’s smoke. Nike, Adidas’ main competitor, has struggled to release shoes that, in my opinion, compare anywhere near to what Adidas has released.

Until now, Adidas has been winning. Yes, the NMD hype is… a bit overdone. And YEEZY’s are progressively getting worse, UltraBoost’s are in a different area of this topic – but the point stands that Adidas is just doing it right.

The Nike AirMag is one of Nike’s most amazing shoes. The shoe is probably never going to be in your hands, but Nike has found the (near) perfect way for you to obtain your own, mini AirMags.


The Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 (1.0 implies to me there might be alternate version releasing, which will be fantastic) is Nike’s first game-changing shoe in years. The self-lacing mechanism taken from the AirMag has been incorporated in to this all-new silhouette, available for very lucky the general public.

Put your foot into the shoe and the laces tighten to a near-as-possible comfort level, which you can then adjust accordingly by pressing two buttons. The shoe is as about as futuristic as it comes; with flashing lights, self-lacing technology and a lightweight construction.

@Digitalemissions was the lucky guy that was able to secure a pair in New York and says that the Nike HyperAdapt is something that has “made him forget about Boost.”


As far as I know, the shoe is set to retail for approx. $1000. With a retail price that high, the average Joe is not going to add these to his 10-strong Nike collection of Huaraches.

However, I have a feeling these are going to be sitting on shelves. Up your re-selling game and hustle hard is probably the agenda for most people trying to get these shoes, unless you’ve got an amazing link…

Pandemonium commences very soon.

These are the future.

Adidas – your turn




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