NMD R2 ‘Supreme’

Adidas’ hugely popular silhouette, the NMD, has been minimalistically reimagined in the guise of the NMD_R2. Taking design cues from the less-popular XR1 and fitted out with an all-knew primeknit upper, the R2 has received many mixed reactions to date.

I for one am not a fan of the debut Green/Black colourway, I feel the NMD will once again fill its boots and learn what’s good for it’s new look in the near future. The single plug is a bolder look than before, and the comfort levels are up from the R1; but I’m not 100% sold.

Or so I thought. A good friend of mine, digitalemissions,¬†was the lucky recipient of a R2 sample. All white upper, red accents. It’s the ‘Supreme’ NMD_R2; and boy-oh-boy has this changed the game!

NMD_R2 ‘Supreme’
NMD_R2 ‘Supreme’

Clean AF! Jason said: “This is one of the cleanest shoes I’ve seen this year,” and he is spot-on with that. The best thing about this shoe, for me, is the red sole. Previous white-bottomed boost sneakers are prone to yellowing and getting super dirty very easily and quickly, but for a Summer shoe, this won’t have any issues rolling from Spring to Autumn. The colours pop and this is by far the cleanest non-mono shoes around. An all white R2 will clearly look fantastic – here’s hoping Adidas role out the OG colourway on the R2 because lord knows that will look amazing.

It’s often that a colour can make a huge difference to the look of a shoe. People hype about colours because they compliment a shoe, and a shoe is a compliment to your entire outfit – so colour really matters.

For all the Supreme-nuts here, this might be something you’re hoping will roll into mass-production. For the mean time though, it’s worth noting this IS NOT a collaboration; merely a very convenient colourway.

The culture we live in, eh?



Big thanks to Digitalemissions’ photography. Give him a follow on IG.


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