How To Cop Rare Sneakers – YEEZY V2 & Top Tips

Yeezy Season Hit Me Hard!

It’s so good to come back to PRIMALGUISE with something positive – and I’ve got a lot to be feeling good about. As you already know I was lucky enough to cop Pharrell’s Human Race NMDs in recent weeks, and now I’ve picked up two more stunners, Kanye West’s YEEZY 350 V2 and the Supreme X Nike SB Blazer Low GT-QS… What a mouthful.


I want to skip over the Supreme Nike’s quickly because they’re the easiest to cop. Quite simply it’s patience and luck; waiting in a line for up to two hours outside your local Supreme or waiting for the online drop – take a friend, make friends and hope that your size is still in store.

With ultra-limited releases, such as the Yeezy and Pharrell lines, there’s a bunch of ways to cop some of the most hyped trainers in recent years. From raffles to resellers, I’m going to run you through the ways of copping these sneakers and hopefully give you some helpful advice if you haven’t been so successful in the past.

It’s a love, not a career, right?

The raffle systems are consistently flawed and criticised for being ‘back-doored’. Whether in-store or online, it has been known (or at least assumed) that stores are running raffles knowing full well where the product is going to end up – in the hands of someone waiting just around the corner; a family-friend of the store. I like to be less cynical about this and I would like to have faith. Some people win every raffle they enter, whether its IG or in-store or email sign-up, and others have never even got close to winning a raffle. It’s never happened to me, but I have hope. There’s always a slight chance the store won’t back-door the latest hype-sneaker, so I’d say the best thing is sign-up to as many raffles as you can.

Following on from raffles… Sneaker stores, and one that comes to mind is Sneakers N Stuff, are also known for doing raffles with numbers. Standing in the crowd hoping for your number to be called out – rather you than me.


Plugs / It’s Who You Know:
If you happen to know somebody who can hook you up, then go for it. Whether you pay a proxy, and if you are then please stick to no more than 15% because they’re a plug and they are a plug for a reason – don’t get screwed.

You may already know this, but most stores make their staff exempt from entering raffles – but not necessarily exempt from buying. They aren’t allowed to put them behind for staff, but they’re the first people in the store – no body really knows what happens but lets out two and two together. If you know someone who works in a speaker shop, chances are they’ll help you out; with no guarantee but an increased chance of copping.

This is your one-way ticket to copping. I picked up my Yeezy’s from Adidas in Soho, London, and the majority of people there were aware, and shocked, that I was keeping: “But the resell life, bro!” echoing everywhere. I’m not fond of resellers – the sneaker community isn’t fond of them either. It’s a love, not a career, right?
If you have the funds to go online, do yourself a favour and join some pages such as YTWW or The Basement to get a legit check (LC) before you cop. This can be a god-send because fakes are getting more accurate as the months go by, and for a reasonable price you’ll get a good fake – but why the hell would you want a fake?

Save yourself the hassle and the turmoil of receiving a dud and get a LC online. There’s a few tell-tale signs with Yeezys; stitching, boost’s off (boost should have nipples and dimples really clearly defined), the ribbed sole-cage doesn’t have the ribs all the way to the top of the sneaker, shape, colour, and obviously price: if it’s too good to be true, it almost always is.

My Top Tips:
It’s all about luck. Get yourself on Adidas Confirmed, sit on the app and watch your notifications and your zones’ countdown, be ready to tap when it says go and prepare for a L – 9/10 you’ll lose, but luckily I was well-prepared, consistently watching or just sitting on my phone to be the one of the lucky ones who gets through. Adidas Confirmed is you’re least-effort-required cop because you just do it from the comfort of your phone, no lines, no raffles, no regramming. It’s either a win or a lose.

Be Prepared:
Get friends involved – someone who is willing to pass on the shoe you really want; i.e. My girlfriend. She really couldn’t care less. Have some family-friends sit there with a laptop each for online drops while you’re out waiting for your number to be called or signing up to raffles the days before the big release, or if you have to travel to the zone to sign-up to Adidas Confirmed.
But be prepared in every way possible – fast internet, fast computers, fast fingers. It will hold you in good stead if you find out where is stocking your desired sneaker and making sure you have an account with them; so you can auto-fill your details and go through fast-checkout systems, just incase it’s all good in your basket but by the time you’ve found the right card in the wrong wallet, it’s all gone tits-up and somebody’s nabbed your pair.

At the end of the day… they’re just sneakers. So don’t fret. With the recent rumours I’ve been hearing copping Yeezy’s will be a lot easier – increased quantities = increased opportunities.



My HU-NMDs were a pot-luck cop. I had no intention of walking a certain way home, but I decided to take the shortcut behind Adidas Soho and saw two guys holding a clip-board. Intrigued, I asked and they politely whispered “NMD release”. I was sold; signed up and a few days later I got a call – completely unaware of the shoes I’ve won the right to buy.

It’s all about being in the right place at the right time and there’s a lot of things you can do to make sure you’re sorted – whether you cop in person or online.

For less hyped releases, and I mean things that just haven’t got the ‘name’ attached to it yet, for example FoG’s Snakeroot (It mainly sold out but there’s a few floating around – check out Selfridges Oxford St, Offspring) you can easily turn up to store half an hour before open and walk in, no hassle, no problem. Slightly more exciting releases, like the highly-loved and over-done NMD line, can be copped with a lot of ease. For limited release packs you might have to be at the store for 6am, but for something like the Japan Black or French Beige, turning up an hour before open will save you a space in the (small) line for these kinds of shoes.

Any questions? Comment below or email me!

All the best,



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