My Top 3 LPUs

I’m back with another LPU haul, this time featuring some really special pieces, imo.

Do you ever go to a shop because you respect it? Sometimes, you have no intention to buy anything; you just go there because it’s appealing for one reason or another. I do this often, with shops such as Machine-A, Y-3, Dover Street Market, I just respect the shops’ aesthetic, their message behind what they sell and why, the reasons why the shop and brand exist.

With Machine-A you have your ultra-high-end street-wear, Raf, Rick, J.W.Anderson and the likes, and it’s not always easy to pull off. Y-3 is a visionary, it’s as if they create inaccessible pieces and create such a desire that they soon because accessible to wear for anyone with any taste or style. DSM is a great mixture of the two. London’s DSM plays host to COMME des GARÇONS flagship UK store, and has an excellent basement of streetwear, and upper floors of gradually increasingly high-end clothing.

It’s not often that I pick things up from any of these stores, but when I do it’s because they’re unique and appealing to me. Which is how it should be, right?

As you’ve read the background, let’s bring it back to my top 3 LPU’s. Naturally, I think we should start with the best:


FUTUR ‘Court’ T-Shirt

This is an incredibly difficult tee to get hold of, but not because it’s rare or only on Grailed for £££, no, it’s simply because FUTUR don’t have a web-shop, they stock in very few stores, and those that they are stocked in are stocking limited numbers of each piece. I copped this from Machine-A in Soho for £60, it’s a little more expensive on Farfetch, but that’s the only place I could find it.

The t-shirt is made of such soft cotton, printed with understated branding and a bold colour x stitch x colour pattern on the back, again with minimal branding.


FUTUR is a Parisian skate brand that is set to be huge next year, which is why I am so chuffed with this piece. It’s from their first collection, and is their most notable tee. So if they make it big… ARCHIVE PIECE!






Next up we have some serious heat from non-other than Pharrell Williams! Yes, if you saw my previous post you’ll know I copped the Pharrell Human Race NMDs, and I’m still on a hype.


I won’t go on forever (click here if you want me to, though), but a quick overview for you is:

  • Boostier than Yeezy’s – not as comfy as some some NMDs.
  • They’re yellow, but not hard to rock.
  • I love them.

Finally we have something I picked up only about two weeks ago, it’s from Supreme’s A/W 16 drop and it was a seriously overlooked piece imo.


The  stone colour works really well with all colour denim, the print is intriguing and the quality is as-per really nice. It’s typical, odd-ball Supreme; you know when they whack out something that’s off-beat because it hasn’t got a bogo on it and it’s subtle? Yeah, I’m fond of this because it’s understated, a little left-field and it goes with everything – well, maybe not my bumblebee NMDs, but most things…

I’ve had a lot of LPUs recently (payday!) but a lot of them are for my uni room, which I’m thinking of doing a piece on – what about a ‘A Sneakheads Guide To Styling Your Room’?


Thanks for reading,





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