How To Wear the Adidas X Pharrell Human Race NMDs

It goes without saying that yellow shoes are going to be a risky item to pull off. Shoes, let alone good shoes, rarely come in yellow and that’s because nobody dares rock ’em.

I recently picked up Pharrell Williams’ Human Race NMDs in that daring shade of yellow, and after wearing them twice now I can confirm – THESE TURN HEADS. Some people have come up to me, shook my hand and devoted their love (which was strange), others have genuinely pronounced “What the fuck are they?”

Personally, I couldn’t care less about anyone’s negative thoughts because I love these shoes. They really aren’t that hard to rock – just like anything bright, they need to be paired with something tonal or understated to avoid an outfit clash; if you can do that then your outfits onto a winner!

The shoe’s themselves are a strange mixture of comfy/un-comfy. Let me explain. Where they’re comfy is obviously the NMDs use of Boost, which in this particular shoe is very solid and supportive: it sits somewhere in-between a Yeezy 350 and a regular NMD. However, the shoe is very narrow; and if like me you have wide feet, this makes things a pain in the backside. I’ve tied the rope-laces in my own specific way to ease the pain, and now I can wear them all day. Yet still, there is an aching from the shoe that my feet are too wide for the shoes, almost stretching the lacing system as it pushes down on the top of my foot. It’s difficult to put into writing but, in short, you’re very well supported, perhaps too-well supported for my liking. But, the Boost still offers a comfy ride.Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 18.54.40
So, to the point of this post. How do you wear them? I’m rocking these futuristic racers with pin-rolled slim-leg black Levi’s, any black top (here I went for Supreme X Anti-Hero) and simple accessories, such as a silver Casio. I’ve also rocked these with the same bottoms, a heather-grey sweater and again, simple accessories. I’ve seen people wear the Human Race NMD’s with navy denim shorts and a crisp white oxford shirt, or something I’m very keen to try, a pair of tailored navy trousers and a well-fitting neoprene / scuba / brushed cotton sweater, like this one from COS.

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 18.54.25

I was very lucky to get my hands on these and at first I wasn’t keep on keeping them. After wearing them with a number of outfits, getting mixed responses, but nonetheless, a lot of onlookers, I’ve slowly fell in sweet-love. They’re a welcomed sneaker to my growing collection; I’m honestly surprised how well they go with a number of outfits and how much I love them!

I love a simple sneaker as much as the next person, for example Y-3’s new Stan Zip or AMI’s Classic; but sometimes you have to change up the pace and take a risk. These were a risk worth taking, so I’m advising you to take a chance next time you walk into your local sneaker shop. I’m going to leave this post with a roundup of my favourite ‘brave-ish’ sneakers money can buy right now! Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 20.30.07




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