My Top 5 Picks From the Supreme Fall/Winter 16 Drop

Another bold release from the NYC streetwear supremos.

Supreme dropped their highly anticipated fall/winter ’16 line a few days ago, receiving a mixed reaction. We’ve got a new bogo, this time on an arctic-camo hoodie (which is sure to sell out), we’ve got some classic skate silhouettes and we’ve been treated to some notoriously Supreme styles, ‘Let’s Fuck!’ tee’s being just one example.


However it’s the less bold pieces that I like from this seasons’ drops the most, as per usual. I’m a fan of the understated designs they occasionally pull out the bag – this year is a slight exception as they’ve created some less garish pieces, but not many. Here’s my top 5 favourite pieces from the drop:


This year Supreme have pulled it out the bag with the outerwear, and the understated jacket with back branding is just the right mix of cool & casual and brand identity. It’s not in-your-face, but you still know it’s Supreme. After all, it’s the branding and the heritage which makes it’s pieces so individual and sort after.

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My 4 other favourites shown above are all for good reason. I love the shirt; it’s bright shoulders and collar mixed with the badges and bang-on-trend bottle green shade is, yet again, the perfect mix making it ‘just enough’; or easy to be worn by anyone.

The two sweaters are you’re alternatives to bogo’s – these aren’t going down into the archives in the same way, but they sure will be loved pieces. The big-block sweater (that’s what I’ll call it) is great for winter – it’s got an almost classic Christmas vibe about it which I love. The small-block sweater (yeah, I’m sticking with it) is more easily worn, possibly more of a fall item, and definitely one to rock. I’m in love with both.

That’s all I plan to pick up when (or soon after) the London store opens on the 18th (all stores but Tokyo open then). What intrigued me most from Supreme’s drop was the B&O portable speaker. This is going to be in the ballpark of £300-350, given Supreme and B&Os names, the price of the device standard and that Supreme often mark their accessories and trinkets quite high. I don’t think I’ll buy it, but for the die-hard ‘preme fans, this is going straight into the shelving unit – along with that brick, flood lamp and noodle bowl they’re dropping!

So there we have it, my favourite pieces. What are yours? Drop a comment below!






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