Why I Wear Black

There’s a lot of fashionable people in London, and since I moved to the leafy West of London I feel I’ve been fully submerged into looking good – or perish. I don’t dress to impress, and you really, really shouldn’t (you keep being you!), but you can’t help but feel the pressure of dressing well. Plus when you have a healthy student loan and an amazing shopping mall down the road, it’s hard to refuse buying some key pieces that can transform your look.

These ‘key pieces’ I speak of are always black. Black is simple, minimalistic, timeless and it is the best colour – period.


At first it was kind of an accident. I kept on buying black. And to be honest with you, I keep on buying white now… But you’ll always catch me on black. Why?


An all-black outfit is simple. But black offers simplicity elsewhere – when you’re shopping, you never have the dilemma of ‘Oh, will it look good with this?’ – of course it will, it’s black. It all matches. Black is a colour that actually makes shopping simple! Fantastic. On to the next point.


Black has always been the colour of fashion. Black tuxedos; LBD; the 20s, 30s – and today it’s all about triple-black sneaker colour ways (think about the whole ‘black boost’ thing going on right now), triple-black fits and, well, black. Timeless, minimalistic, simplistic, complex, deep – everything we love from the colour.

For me, black is timeless and forever in trend, which I think is perfect for me as I don’t have a massive amount of disposable income to spend on clothes (although I still do spend every last penny of what little amount I have left!)
However the point still stands that if I buy a black sweater – I’m currently loving 424’s ‘Nas Illmatic’ sweater – it will be an investment piece, something that I can wear season after season, with no worry of it not being trendy – because it so will be!


Minimalism is important to me. If you look clean, your outfit isn’t too wild with colours, you just can’t go wrong. You won’t look bad. That being said, if you want to throw in a colour, go for muted greens or a very dark navy – despite the idea of black and blue being a possible clash, you can get away with it if you get a navy that is nearly black.

A minimal, all-black outfit is bravery in the fashion world because it shows you’ve dedicated a look to just one colour – you don’t want it to look boring, but it needs to work. With black, it’s a colour where you can double up, triple up, and still look great.

I’m wearing the Supreme x Anti-Hero tee, a very old pair of Levi’s and Adidas’ UltraBoost in black/grey/light grey gradient – an underrated colourway in the UltraBoost range, imo. You can’t get most of my outfit anymore, so I’ve curated a shopping section below of my favourite black items.

Les (art)ists Definition Print – here
ZARA Piped Seams – here
ALLSAINTS Gibbs – here

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