Top 3 Grooming Must Haves

Before we start, I’ve already lied to you. There’s actually 4 in that picture.

For the next two weeks I’m at Esquire in central London. The pollution, smells, dirty air and tempting takeout food all equals a really bad environment for my face and skin. Like a lot of people, I have very sensitive skin – products have to be pure and gentle. Products should also smell masculine; so I go for fresh or woody. It’s one or the other.


You should look after your face. You only have one. I13509802_10209998706306657_234234181_ot’s a delicate area that takes the full force of our British weather and London ollution. Oil-based products are generally quite bad for my skin, but with the right combination of products, which for me is about 7 Clinque products, my face can be left feeling fresh and clean after a hard days work in the City.

Clinique for Men’s Moisturising Lotion is an amazing product. It is oil-based, but when paired with a three-step treatment of anti-oil products, this works as a masculine, fragranced lotion to awaken the skin and give it a fresh, clean look.

Good to know: this is a great product to use after you’ve shaved and cleaned your face. Put this on, then leave it to dry, and add a little bit of sensitive cream if you’re prone to irritation.


Something very close to my heart is my hair. Quiff, relaxed scruffy, swept back or messy top, every morning I shower with something I know will look after my hair (Aussie Volume / Head and Shoulder’s Repair/Refresh) and give it a great smell.

13517867_10209998719746993_22406348_oI’ve never been into the seasalt trend – simply because nothing ever worked on my thick, slightly kinked hair. I tried Lush’s Seasalt Spray on a whim, assuming it would be as good as their other hair products, such as their Dirty hair range. This lives up to the hype as being one of the best sprays. Ignoring the instructions, I spray this on towel-dried, but still damp, hair. I ruffle it up and wait/further dry. Then, style with whatever product I’ve got to hand. This product smells beautiful, a really nice, fresh, woody, citrus smell. It’s very good. Buy it.


Carrying on from smells, I’m finishing off with what completes my morning routine. A good fragrance that last’s you all day is priceless – or about £100 in this case. I choose Tom Ford’s Noir or Bottega Veneta Pour Homme.

Tom Ford is deep, musky and is one for dinner, events and something special. Bottega Veneta is an everyday smell, light to the nose and refreshing. Both have undertones of musk and that’s always a winner with any male fragrance – who doesn’t like a bit of woody masculinity? Ha.


For me, Tom Ford is probably the nicest out of the two, but you pay a premium for that. BV is more easily worn – imagine a smell that suits anyone, this is it.

So there we have it. Three essential parts of my daily routine, with four essential products. They’re high-quality, good value for money (seriously, the Clinique moisturiser has lasted me at least 6 months) and each smell amazing. My hair and my skin will battle against the London air all day, and the smells will linger on my clothes through to the next.



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