Treat your feet: Boost Technology

“You will never know comfort quite like Adidas Boost technology.”

Adidas X Palace Pro Boost (Black/White Down/Gold Metallic) – £130/€170/$185

Also in picture:
Coat – H&M
Jeans – Vintage Levi’s 511


So, this blog post is more of a PSA. I’m giving you advice. I’m helping you. You see, when I’m out and about, I literally stop and stare to appreciate someone’s shoes, it’s something I can’t help. However what’s worse is if I am out and about and I see someone wearing terrible shoes, I stop and stare. In shock. It’s almost as if I’m saying “What are you doing! Let me help you.”

So the first step to happiness is to get some excellent daily sneakers. One’s you can wear day-in-day-out, rain or shine.

Pictured are the Adidas X Palace Pro Boost in Black/White/Gold. They’re a hybrid sneaker, looking like a Gazelle with a bit of Flux on the back, featuring primeknit and of course, boost. The most marshmallowy substance known to man.

If that’s all a bit of nonsense to you, then it’s basically some of Adidas’ most successful sneakers put into one, featuring the highly coveted boost technology that sneakerheads all over the world love. It features in the Kanye West ‘YEEZY’ sneakers, Adidas’ Ultra Boost sneakers and most recently in their newest design, the NMD (Well worth a look).

They’re made from a pig-suede upper, meaning you have to treat them with a product such as Jason Markk’s s spray to protect you from the elements of winter.

My advice is that if you want a pair of cosy, fashionable sneakers, then go straight to Adidas. Stick with boost technology of any kind. You’ll be looking at trainers prices upwards of £80 however, but fear not – it’s money well spent.

Because once you have your new sneakers and once you’ve protected them, then you can hit the streets. The Palace ones pictured above are about as street as the boost selection gets, unless you get the ultra-cool triple white Ultra Boosts (famous for being worn by Kanye West).

Shoes of unknown comfort need to be worn. You need to know.

Become part of the group, invest in something amazing and treat your feet!

Thank you.




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