Up and Coming Menswear Brands – L’Amoureux

L’Amoureux’s range of garments pushes quality embroidery and alternative designs to a level further than something I’m familiar with, but not so far that I’m worried to wear it.

COLD THREADS – In The Spotlight

With a propensity towards high-end streetwear, A$AP Rocky and stylised Instagram feeds, COLD THREADS is something I’ve been paying a lot of attention to recently.

Brand Affinity – Sneakerhead Diaries

Welcome to the first instalment of Sneakerhead Diaries, a new category for a new-look Primalguise. Sneakerhead Diaries is more of a spilling-out of my thoughts, less of the new releases, heat or LPU’s. For this entry, I thought it’s only fair to divulge in something new.

The Making Of A Magazine – FILTER

A thought-provoking quarterly ‘bookazine’ exploring the culture of the modern, Instagramming city-goer, providing an insight into food, arts and everything only the most photogenic cities have to offer.

Three Striped Summer – Top 3

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Adidas’ work, so I recently invested in three pairs that are sure to be key players in my summer rotation.